Composition and Literature

Mr. Jacobs

Classroom Polices


Basic Information (More can be found in the Classroom Policies)

I. Course Description:

This course is designed to meet the writing needs and challenges that high school students have—writing on demand, college entrance essays, academic essays, job applications, résumés, and job related writing skills such as effective business emails, memos, and presentations. This course meets the Michigan Merit Curriculum English 11 requirement.

III. Classroom Goals:

  • The learner will write a variety of academic essays

  • The learner will improve individual reading, writing, speaking,
     observing, listening, and thinking skills

  • The learner will develop business communication skills

  • The learner will improve grammar/mechanics skills

II. Course Content:

This course is writing intensive. Students will read both fiction and non-fiction to inform their own writing.

First Semester: Concentration on non-fiction reading, writing to persuade, and grammar within the context of writing.

Second Semester:   Focus on business communication, fiction reading (short story and novel), and literary analysis.   - Major Text: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

IV. Guidelines for Success:

Each student is expected to contribute positively to the learning environment of the classroom.  A student who chooses to behave in a way that disturbs the positive learning environment in the classroom can expect a conversation with the teacher about how we can best meet individual needs and encourage personal responsibility for behavior.  Persistent behavior disturbing the learning environment will result in further disciplinary attention. Student participation and consistent, punctual attendance is expected for success.


Elements of the course are as follows:

Weighted grade system in place


Not  Counted

Formative Individual Daily Work


Formative Quiz and Formative Writing Assignments


Formative Daily Group Work


Summative Assessments (Post)
[Major Papers, Projects, Presentations and Tests]


First Semester - Typical Weekly Breakdown

Composition & Literature (Subject to Adaptation)

Day One


Day Two


Day Three


Day Four


Day Five


A. Pre-Assessment on Grammar Topic


B. Intro to weekly grammar topic

A. Non-Fiction Readings and Activities

A. Non-Fiction Readings and Activities Continues




B. Review in context

A. Post Assessment on Grammar Topic


B.30-minute ACT writing prompt











Supplies the Students
Need for this Class

  • An Essay Book

  • Paper

  • Pen and Pencil



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