Some chemistry-related websites:


Looking for MSDS sheets?  Flinn is a good start:


Our textbook (Glencoe Chemistry: Matter and Change, 2008) has a website, which has lots of resources for each chapter:

If you need word processing, spreadsheet, or presentation software, try Open Office (it's free!):


A great drill-and-practice website (especially for significant figures):


An on-line, free chemistry textbook:


An interactive, on-line periodic table:


ChemTutor website:


Two Miss Gurganus-typed periodic tables:

With names

Without names


Practice our element symbols and names with Quizlet!


Lost your solubility chart or activity series?

Solubility of Salts chart Activity Series chart

Can't find your ion chart? Here's a decent online one: Online Ion Chart

There's lots of good help on balancing equations out there on the Internet:

Density practice:

Iowa State Animations


Chem Collective


PhET Simulations


Virtual Activity Series activity


Radioactivity simulations:

Looking for chemical structures?

Try, type in your compound, and choose "Search."  You can then save the structure as a picture!


All you ever wanted to know about the periodic table:


Another periodic table:


See the orbitals as animations here:

Atomic orbitals animations: (you can spin and rotate them!)

S and p orbitals video

Electron orbitals video

Scandium electron distribution video (best orbital layering/animation I've seen)

Another orbital applet:



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